European Union (EU)

Dear EU (European Union) Costumers,

As you know, since Brexit happened, it changed the way the UK and the EU deal with Import/Export products between them, which unfortunately affects our Online Store.Due to Technical Difficulties to implement the new rules in our store, together with a £2 fee charged by the Intermediary to workout Customs (VAT/ Import/Export Duty, etc...),
for You and our Store, we decided to not perform Sales of our Products to the EU Costumers at this moment.

Please be advised, that due to TECHNICAL ISSUES, WE CAN'T STOP YOU to Order from our Online Store, so we will Ship the orders anyway, BUT BEWARE THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO SUPPORT ALL THE COSTS OF CUSTOMS AND INTERMEDIARY.

We created our Brand on the Principle that we wanted to provide the Best Quality Products for Men's Beauty and Personal Care, but at the Best Price in the Market. With this Added Fees to our intermediary,
We would've have to increase the prices considerably, to our EU Costumers, which is something that is going totally against our Principles.

But, we are working on a Solution to make our distribution to our EU Costumers within a EU Country, which will avoid Bureaucracy and Costs to our Costumers, and then yes, we will Provide you with the Best Price
and Quality available in the Market.

The Solution for the Distribution issue, may come sooner then you think, so please Stay tunned here in our Website and in our Facebook and Instagram Accounts, which you can find in the Bottom of our Homepage.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience that this decision has caused you, but we promise to compensate you in the very near future.


The Management